Wispernet’s sister company, Hilbert Electronics, started as a TV installation and repair business 40 years ago.


Two way radios became a huge part of the business. A network was built covering some 40 000km² in the Southern and Eastern Cape and the Little and Great Karoo. Repeaters were installed on various mountains, some only accessible by helicopter.


In 2007 Wispernet was born to take technology into the Broadband Wireless Internet sphere. Although a new concept, the principal remained the same with the transmitting and receiving of signals.


With existing, well located high sites at our disposal, Wispernet was able to in a very short time roll out a network covering a big portion of the Western Cape. To provide superior services, branch offices and agencies were established in different towns.


Wispernet provides data, voice and related services to municipalities, businesses and individuals in towns and its surrounding farming communities. Wispernet is a licensed internet service provider.


VAT Nr : 41 40 24 81 23               Reg Nr : 2009/017994/07           Auditors :  Questus Ingelyf            We are a BEE Rated Company



A E Joubert                               L Oosthuizen

A E Joubert                                         L Oosthuizen




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